4 Surprising Reasons Why People May Receive Plastic Surgery

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery in Perth is a hugely personal decision, and the reasons behind it are unique to each individual. However, there are a few common reasons people decide to go under the knife that others may not fully understand.

To support loved ones through their decision to have cosmetic surgery, understanding their reasoning and supporting that can really help them feel good about getting the surgery. Sometimes a decision to have surgery can be met with hostility and disapproval, which can dent the person’s self-esteem.

To help you understand the reasons why someone may want to undergo cosmetic surgery, we’ve collected some common motivations that you might not have considered.

1. To Look Younger

Getting older affects people in different ways, but for many, their changing looks can cause them to become extremely unhappy with their appearance. Regaining the smooth skin and taut stomachs, they used to have in their youth is perhaps the number 1 motivation for people to want plastic surgery.

Luckily, there are increasing options for people wishing to have surgery to undo the ageing process, many of which don’t require very invasive procedures. Liposuction and breast surgeries have considerably improved in recent years to become quick, discreet procedures that cause minimal scarring and take just a couple of hours at most in the operating theatre. Skin treatments like Botox and chemical peels take under an hour and have become affordable.

If you have been considering any anti-ageing procedures, contact a reputable surgeon with years of experience in the surgery you want before confirming your decision.

2. To Improve Self-Image

This reason can be dismissed as vanity, but this is a reductive argument. If someone has been very self-conscious about a particular area of their body for years and thinks that changing that will improve their self-esteem and confidence, their decision should be respected.

Having serious hang-ups about your body can severely impact someone’s mental and emotional health. If they’ve already tried to accept things as they are, the next course of action is to consider combating them. Perhaps they have tried exercise, pilates, or yoga classes but are physically unable to achieve their desired results. Cosmetic surgery can infinitely improve someone’s confidence and positively brighten their entire outlook – therefore, you should try to understand this motivation for surgery and support the patient accordingly.

3. They Like Their Surgeon’s Work

If you or someone you know is considering cosmetic surgery, you should always spend time and effort researching reputable surgeons. In the past, people have gone with the first plastic surgeon they found locally, but this can give you a narrow view of what can be done to fix the body hang-up you want to be addressed.

Now, the internet has made it much easier to track down a surgeon that will perform the work you want in the way you want. The surgeon needs to share your vision of your ideal finished result exactly. Don’t be afraid to consult multiple surgeons before deciding on one you get on well with and who truly understands precisely what you want.

For this reason, once someone has one surgery with a particular surgeon, they might trust them to perform other surgeries that they’ve wanted to have done. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, friendly surgeon who really cares about his patients, pay a visit to our very own Dr Peter Randle, based in Perth, Australia. He has practised aesthetic plastic surgery in Australia and America and is a leading expert in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr Randle’s credentials and the work he performs are all available on our website.

4. Improving the Look of Scars

Scars are a personal thing, and some people may accept their scars better than others. Sometimes they can bring back painful memories of trauma, causing patients to seek the help of a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of the scars.

Scar reduction surgery is a popular treatment, especially when the marks are obvious, result from acne, or elicit unwanted attention from strangers. All good plastic surgeons will suggest a way to reduce the mental and physical impact of scars, whether that be with regular surgery, like skin grafts, or non-surgical procedures, like peels and treatments to reduce pigmentation.

Get in contact today to see what we can do for you and your body.

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