Body Lift – Belt Lipectomy

Body Lift Body Lift - Belt Lipectomy 1

A body lift is a cosmetic procedure in which sagging skin and fat on the abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks, hips, and waist is corrected. When skin has poor elasticity, excess skin and fat can hang down, resulting in significant discomfort and dissatisfaction with body image. To remedy the problem, incisions are made around the torso and a “belt” of this excess skin and fat is removed. This procedure is able to improve cellulite while reshaping and restoring the contours of the body. A skilled surgeon can therefore create a more attractive figure in which you can feel more comfortable and secure.

It is also possible for a body lift to be combined with other cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction to eliminate larger areas of unwanted fat or a tummy tuck to lift the stomach, abdomen, groin and upper leg areas. Swelling and scars are typical after this surgical procedure, but the body will return to normal after around six weeks. After this time, patients can see their final physical appearance. Ongoing scar management will be necessary for the next few months.

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