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Rejuvenate Your Appearance with a Facelift in Perth

Between the drying effects of the sun and the sea air, living in Western Australia takes its toll on the skin. This is especially true for the face, which shows the weathered effects of ageing long before other parts of the body. Enjoying life and the outdoors in Perth doesn’t have to mean surrendering yourself to accelerated ageing.

People around the world are living longer and feeling more youthful along the way. Thanks to the inspired work of Dr Peter Randle, those living in Perth are able to retain a youthful appearance and complexion for much longer. And with a facelift in Perth, it’s now possible to look as young as you feel throughout all stages of life.

What’s involved in a Facelift in Perth?

Facelifts are increasingly common in Perth, with both men and women seeking treatment. The procedure works by restoring a more pleasing contour to the patient’s face and neck. This creates a youthful, more vibrant look, and can sometimes be combined with eyelid surgery and other operations to great effect.

Dr Peter Randle’s expertise means that there is less concern about the potential problems that accompany the work performed by less experienced surgeons. It wasn’t so long ago that clients who had received a facelift would have to contend with a tell-tale ‘plastic’ look and taught skin.With Dr Randle as your surgeon; you will get a more natural younger appearance.

Dr Randle’s work speaks for itself – and his patients are also eager to recommend him. Given his broad base of experience working in both Australia and the United States, he’s one of the most qualified surgeons operating in Perth and beyond.

Is a Facelift in Perth Right for Me?

If you’ve noticed that the skin on your face and neck is beginning to sag, then a facelift may be able to restore your face to a more youthful state. A facelift corrects signs of ageing and results in a refreshed and more vibrant appearance.

Facial ageing results from a combination of indicators:

  • Wrinkling
  • Sagging of deep tissues
  • Loss of facial contour
  • Sagging jowls
  • Loss of definition around the jaw line

These are natural by-products of growing older, but that doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to them. Thanks to the work of Dr Randle, growing older doesn’t have to mean surrendering to a sad and tired appearance.

If you feel that you may be a candidate for a facelift or neck lift in Perth, schedule a consultation with Dr Randle’s office. Your surgeon will assess the elasticity of your neck and facial tissues so he can work with you to create a customised procedure that specifically addresses the ageing symptoms that you’re dealing will.

This is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. On the contrary, the procedure that your surgeon creates for you will be specifically crafted with your natural appearance and complexion in mind.

Recovery Time for a Facelift in Perth

Facelift surgery involves separating the facial skin from the muscle and fat layers under it, so that deeper tissues can be tightened and repositioned. Excess skin is removed and, in some cases, fat may be added to specific regions of the skin to create a softer, more youthful appearance.

A facelift typically involves one or two nights’ stay in the hospital, and the healing and recovery process takes time. Contact Dr Randle today to learn more and find out if this procedure is right for you.

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