Words fail to describe how fantastic I feel after my surgery, both physically, and mentally. I am so, so pleased with the outcome. [surgery with Dr Peter Randle] From the very first consultation, through the surgery itself, and the post-op. follow-up appointments, I have been really happy with the treatment, care and consideration given.
It's very obvious that Dr Randle loves what he does, and it came across in all our meetings. He put me at my ease from the start.
Not only is he a lovely person to deal with, he has a wonderful team working with him.
I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone considering surgery.

Trish Mulholland

I do not have any reservations in highly recommending Dr Peter Randle and his team. They are all highly professional and competent and Dr Randle aims for perfection with a natural result. Thanks.

Deborah Turco

Absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. I went to Dr. Randle to receive Otoplasty surgery (ear reshaping). He and his staff were very friendly, welcoming, and made me feel completely comfortable at every stage. The results have been fantastic - I have gone from wearing a headband every day to hold my ears back, to tying up my hair without a care at all. I have so much more confidence now and it is all thanks to Dr. Randle's amazing work. Thank you!!

Tracy Piper

I had breast augmentation through Dr Randle after the birth of my son. I was extremely happy with the result; minimum pain/discomfort, minimal scarring and a very natural result. He was able to advise me on what would work best for my body type and the look I was seeking. All of his staff were extremely friendly and helpful and made visiting his rooms easy particularly with a little baby in tow! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Randle to others

Claire Hudson

Very professional and caring crew…I would recommend Dr Randle and the team for any procedure as they endeavour and succeeded in making it painfree with minimal discomfort which seems to be the greatest difference between other surgeons…Thank you for making a change in my life so simple and wonderful…

Terri Spark-Colfer

I have multiple lipomas on my arms and thighs and have had about 6 procedures over the last 20 years to remove them, by liposuction, as more grow, with varying results. I am so pleased to have found Dr Randle! He recently removed a whole lot from my fore arms and I am ecstatic with the results! I just wish I had found him earlier. The care that I received from all the staff was wonderful and I was so happy to see Philly in the theatre, assisting the Doctor! So nice to see a familiar face, behind the mask. I will never go to another Plastic Surgeon.

Cate Brodie

Tears of gratitude welled up in my eyes when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time after surgery. The natural shape of my face and body had returned. I felt overwhelmed with appreciation to the man responsible Dr Peter Randle. "You gave me my face and my life back, thank you so much..." I said "I just want to give you a big hug". "Of course" he beamed with open arms and a broad smile. I hugged him with the deepest respect and admiration.

The level of care I received from him and his wonderful staff, before and after my long operation was absolutely exceptional. Opposite to any previous surgeries, this time I experienced no pain at all so not having to take any drugs meant my recovery was so much quicker and much more comfortable. I feel so happy to finally be at peace. I actually look forward to going out again, catching up with friends and enjoying life once again.

There is a big difference between someone who is good at what they do and someone who is great. Dr Randle's integrity, coupled with his deep passion for excellence has driven him to Greatness. On my personal experience, he is by far the best Plastic, Cosmetic Surgeon in Perth and probably Australia.

If you are considering Plastic Surgery and meeting a previous patient would help ease your mind and confirm your decision, I am more than happy to chat with you. Arrangements can be organized through Dr Randle’s consulting room.

Vicki Houston

I first had breast implants 15 years ago in the UK. I then had my 3rd child and suffered capsular contracture in both breasts but worse on the right causing the removal of lymph nodes and then a surgeon removed cleaned and replaced this implant. I was left with breasts that were not symmetrical and the right one pointing due east. I saw 2 more surgeons in the next 5 years due to both physical pain from my breasts and they both said nothing could be done.

I resigned myself to this fact and it wasn't until last year that I was getting even more pain that I decided to visit my doctor. I had an scan and MRI and some cysts were found in the scar tissue. I was recommended by a friend of friend to see Dr Randle. He put me at ease straight away and told me the cysts were not dangerous. He said he would do what he could to make my breasts symmetrical. I was a little dubious due to past experiences, and I must say I spent a year thinking about it. However following several calls from me and a few further consultations I decided to go ahead with the surgery 2 months ago.

Pre surgery I was extremely nervous but was made to feel very comfortable by Dr Randle and his team. Post surgery I received just as much care and attention. I am so very happy with the result and I am so glad Dr Randle is such a perfectionist and he and his team are so caring and personable. I would definitely recommend Dr Randle for breast augmentation surgery and wish I had met him 15 years ago.

Penny Moring

Meeting Dr Randle was a godsend. Not only did the surgery he perform on my nose improve my appearance, it boosted my confidence. After having 3 failed nose operations by other surgeons I was resigned to having a botched looking nose for the rest of my life. From the beginning I noticed that Dr Randle was different from the previous surgeons I had. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease and was nothing but open and honest in his assessment of my situation and what he could achieve. The operation 6 weeks ago turned out to be a huge success.

The post operative care I am receiving from Dr Randle has been excellent as is the friendliness and service provided by the other staff Holly and Fran. Words can’t express how grateful I am to Dr Randle. He is honest in his assessment of what he can do for you and doesn’t make promises he knows he can’t fulfil.

He is a caring, committed and professional surgeon. He is also a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. I just wish I discovered Dr Randle sooner and didn’t have to endure 3 costly and painful operations before seeing him. I recommend him without any hesitation to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Vicki M

I am a 41 year old mother to three children 22 -20 and 13 years old. During the course of my pregnancies I suffered considerable damage to my body including Toxaemia and three C/Sections. For the last 13 years I have been considering having Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and met with different Plastic surgeons but did not feel confident until I met Dr Peter Randle
His quiet confidence and professionalism helped me to take the steps I have long wished for. The recovery post op, along with his excellent team “Holly & Fran, have made me feel like part of the team, and have made for a speedy recovery.

I would not hesitate to recommend DR Peter Randle to anyone!! The end result shows him to be a gifted professional with the ability to make you feel comfortable at the time you most need to.

B Greenwood

I have had four very successful procedures done by Dr Randle over the past few years. His work is first class and I am extremely happy with the outcome of all my surgeries. When it comes to plastic surgery Peter is the only plastic surgeon that I would use. From start to finish Peter acts with the utmost professionalism but has found an unique way of being very approachable and down to earth at the same time which is a lovely quality.
I can’t give a review without mentioning the other members of this fabulous trio. All of my experiences over the years with Holly and Fran have always been extraordinary and personalised. All of my many emails to Fran are always responded to quickly and she is always very friendly. The nursing and caring I received from Holly before and after my surgeries was top notch plus it’s always a relief to see her smiling face in the operating room.

Keep up the wonderful work team.

Robyn Corbett

I recently had two cosmetic procedures performed by Dr Randle and I could not be happier with the results! I initially sort a consultation with Peter based on the advice of my husband who is also a medical professional, and who strongly recommended Peter for his extensive experience, his professionalism and his first-rate results.

Upon meeting Peter and his lovely team I knew I was in good hands. At my initial consultation I was well informed about the procedures to be undertaken and felt reassured and comfortable with my decisions. My surgery was organised with ease and efficiency and Fran was so very accommodating to my very full diary.

The surgery went very well and my recovery was amazing. Several of my close friends have recently had breast augmentations performed with other surgeons and could not believe how well and quickly I recovered post operatively. I had very little pain or swelling and was able to get back to my normal daily routine within a few days. My husband told me this is likely to be due to the meticulous skill and care that Peter shows during his surgeries.

I have continued to receive amazing post-operative care from Peter and Holly.

As for the results, my expectations regarding how I would look and feel following the surgery were completely exceeded - I have never felt so feminine. My only regret is that I did not have this surgery sooner.

Peter is a kind, friendly, professional and highly skilled surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.

Robyn Brooks

I recently had a mini face lift with Peter. All I can say is the whole experience with him and his team has been marvellous. Much better that I could possibly have imagined. Peter and the girls are friendly and informative. The surgery went without a hitch, extremely good post op care. Regular, pro-active reviews post op have made this very comfortable and life affirming. To top it off, a nurse in the plastics ward in the hospital informed me that....

..."Peter consistently has wonderful results with minimal swelling and bruising in his patients, and that he is a perfectionist".

I would recommend a consult with Peter Randle if you are considering any surgical procedure. He has given me a new lease on life.

Jay Girl

After suffering an injury to my lip, which caused significant scarring - including major changes to my bottom lip - I approached Dr Peter Randle after a first doctor failed to rectify the scar. Dr Randle's work was outstanding - delicate, skilled and incredibly detailed focused. It was apparent that he had treated my lip with great sensitivity - which resulted in significant less swelling than my first surgery with another doctor.

I can’t give a review without mentioning the other members of this fabulous trio. All of my experiences over the years with Holly and Fran have always been extraordinary and personalised. All of my many emails to Fran are always responded to quickly and she is always very friendly. The nursing and caring I received from Holly before and after my surgeries was top notch plus it’s always a relief to see her smiling face in the operating room.

Keep up the wonderful work team.

John Carey