Breast Surgery

Breast surgery performed in Perth

Breast Surgery Procedures in Perth

As a leading breast augmentation, reduction and breast lift specialist, Dr Peter Randle has helped numerous ladies in Western Australia to achieve the figure of their dreams.

Breast Enlargement – Augmentation Mammoplasty

Artificial implants, inserted by a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon, are the still the most effective way to augment breasts and thanks to continual development in surgical techniques, the procedure itself is relatively simple, with a short recovery time.

Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Ladies whose breasts are starting to sag due to the ageing process, or as a consequence of childbirth and breastfeeding, may wish to consider a breast lift in Perth to restore a more youthful contour to their bodies through the removal excess skin and reshaping.

Breast Reduction – Reduction Mammaplasty

For women whose breasts are disproportionately large, breast reduction in Perth is a procedure that can be performed to produce a more pleasing figure and to alleviate any back pain or postural problems caused by the extra weight.

Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomastia

The enlargement of male breasts due to hormonal imbalances can be corrected through cosmetic surgery. The procedure to correct Gynaecomastia in Perth normally involves surgical excision of excess mammary gland tissue and is designed to restore the normal appearance of a male chest.

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