Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is the enlargement of the male breast, affecting one or both breasts, and can occur in teenaged and adult men. The word gynaecomastia originates from the Greek meaning “women-like breasts”.

The condition is quite common and is often the result of increased levels of estrogen due to imbalance in levels in puberty, health conditions or changes to the male metabolism.

Gynaecomastia Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedures applied in gynaecomastia surgery depend largely on the type of tissue present in the affected breasts, however, when gland tissue is excessive, surgical excision is usually required.

Mammary gland tissue requires surgical cutting; dissecting the glands away from the surrounding tissue.

Fatty tissue can be removed using liposuction where the fat cells are suctioned out using a slim cannula attached to a vacuum and often a combination of excision and fat removal is necessary.

In both cases, the wound is closed in layers, typically using hidden or dissolvable stitches in the deeper layers.

In some cases, additional surgical procedures may be required. In cases where a significant amount of breast tissue has been removed the new breast shape may not settle into the smaller contour and the excess skin on the chest wall may need to be removed.

Nipple reduction surgery can also be performed on men with large nipples that protrude above the areola.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Recovery Time

There is often limited down time after surgery, however, this is dependent on the extent of the procedure.

Due to swelling, the breasts may appear much the same as they did before the operation; however, most swelling and bruising will subside within a few weeks.

It can often take up to three months for the area to fully settle to its final appearance.

Some pain and general discomfort are to be expected for a few days following the procedure but can be treated with pain medication as prescribed by your anaesthetist.

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