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The skin of the eyelids can drop over time becoming redundant and often appearing swollen. Swelling around the eyes can also be caused by the fat contents extruding beyond the confines of the orbit. In some instances, the excess skin can interfere with your vision.

During a blepharoplasty the loose folds of extra skin and excess fat tissues are removed. The incision is placed in the natural folds to minimise scarring. In some instances, fat is added (fat grafting) to regions such as the tear troughs and hollow regions around the eye sockets to add volume.

Eyelid crease formation and tightening of the relaxed lower lids are sometimes performed. The surgical procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure or overnight stay. Depending on complexity of the surgeries, Dr Randle will discuss the choice of anaesthesia and hospital stay at the consultation. Cool packs are applied after surgery and stitches removed 5-7 days. In general, most of the swelling subsides around 2 weeks.

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