Lip Lift

No one wants to look older than their years – and an increased distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip can do just that. A lip lift is a quick and permanent procedure designed to help your lips look youthful and full again.

Often, your lips will start to sag as you age. This is because over time your facial ligaments will loosen and weaken, losing the perkiness of youth and making them appear thinner. You may also be genetically predisposed to have a longer upper lip.

Lip lifts are a popular procedure that provides you with a more beautiful, symmetrical appearance, adding volume and showing off more of your pearly smile!

As one of Perth’s top plastic surgeons, Dr Peter Randle and his team will sit down with you and explain exactly what to expect from your lip lift so you are comfortable and prepared for your treatment. They will ensure you leave the clinic confident and excited about your revitalised appearance.

During a lip lift surgery, a small portion of tissue is delicately removed from the base of the nostrils to create a fuller top lip and more symmetrical appearance. The surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation, and usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. For convenience, many people prefer to undertake a lip lift surgery at the same time as other desired procedures, such as a facelift.


What if I want a lip reduction?

If instead, you’re looking to reduce the size of your lips, Dr Peter Randle is also capable of performing lip reduction surgery. You may have naturally large lips and wish to decrease them, or you may wish to improve previous augmentation surgery.

Like lip lift surgery, lip reductions can improve facial symmetry and can be performed in conjunction with other treatments. They can be done as a day procedure, under either general or local anaesthetic with sedation.

Generally, allow a week’s recovery time after the completion of your procedure. During this time, some redness and swelling may occur. Where possible it is recommended to avoid excessive talking, smiling, or chewing. Soft foods are advised until the stitches are removed approximately a week after surgery.

Everyone wants to look and feel great, but it’s important to ensure you are a suitable candidate before undertaking either a lip lift surgery or a lip reduction, and be realistic about the outcomes of your procedure.

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