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Ear Pinning Perth cosmetic surgery procedure


Also known as otoplasty, ear pinning is the reshaping and repositioning of your ears. It can improve the overall appearance of the face by bringing the ears into a more pleasing proportion with the rest of your head. Dr Peter Randle is able to perform Ear Pinning procedures in Perth.

Enjoy Greater Confidence with Ear Pinning

Ear pinning is a classic example of a surgical procedure that can result in profoundly higher levels of confidence. It’s a purely aesthetic consideration, as the positioning of the ears has little if any bearing on the person’s ability to hear.

It is important to understand that we use our faces to present ourselves to the world. For that reason, something as simple as large or protruding ears can significantly detract from a person’s self-esteem. That is why otoplasty is such an important procedure for so many in Australia.

How Does Ear Pinning Work?

The ear-pinning procedure that Dr Randle employs will depend to a large extent upon your specific situation. With that in mind, you’ll begin with a consultation with Dr Randle who will examine your ears in proportion to your face and head, and determine how best to proceed.

Ear pinning surgery typically involves making a vertical incision behind the ear. This allows the surgeon to remove or reshape cartilage so that the ear ultimately rests closer to the head.

There are three main ways that problems with ears can be corrected:

  • Reshaping: The shape and curl of the outer rim of the ear can be adjusted and made less prominent.
  • Reduction: The overall size of the ears can be reduced by shaving away some of the cartilage that gives the ear its size and shape.
  • Repositioning: The positioning of the ears in relation to the head is changed such that they no longer protrude or draw undue attention.

The relief that comes from ear pinning is invaluable to a person’s self-image. Thanks to the delicate craftsmanship of Dr Peter Randle, there’s no need for you to feel like your ears are holding you back in social situations.

At What Age Should I Consider Ear Pinning

Otoplasty is a procedure that can be undertaken at a range of ages. As long are you are in good health, there is no upper limit for this procedure. Some parents even choose to have their children undergo the procedure at the age of about five or six years, at which point the ears have reached near total development.

Ear shape and positioning is at least partially hereditary, and parents can often see that their children are developing ears with a similar size and shape to their own. In this sense, early otoplasty can ensure that their kids don’t have to suffer through the same teasing and psychological trauma that they did when they were young.

Perth’s Leading Ear Pinning Specialist

If you are ready to consider the possibility of reshaping or repositioning your ears via an ear pinning surgery in Perth, contact Dr Peter Randle for a consultation. He will discuss the surgery and post operative recovery. In most cases, ear pinning is an outpatient procedure, though patients must rest and wear a headband for a few weeks. Contact us today to learn more.

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