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A brow lift aims to improve common signs of ageing in the upper third of the face. Sagging, drooping of the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and frown lines are some of the appearances that occur with time and the continuing effects of gravity. People often comment on this look as being aged, tired, angry, or sad. In some instances, at consultation, patients show the effect of a browlift by manually elevating the skin of the forehead not only to improve the look but also to increase lateral vision. A forehead lift is often combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) which can improve appearance as well as vision.

There are many surgical techniques to rejuvenate the forehead and eyes. They include procedures using minimal incisions such as an endoscopic browlift, limited incision browlift to traditional coronal incision browlift. The height of the forehead also determines the technique to be used. The direction of the lift is often dictated by whether you are a woman or a man. An arched eyebrow in a woman is often an attractive look whereas a man’s brow tends to be more horizontal aesthetically. Eyebrow asymmetry or unevenness correction is considered prior to surgery.

Browlift surgery is performed in an accredited hospital facility under general anaesthetic and usually requires an overnight stay. Head elevation and ice packs are provided to reduce swelling around the eyes. Stitches are removed 5-10 days after surgery and most of the swelling subsides by day 10.

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