Fat Grafting – Autologous Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Procedure Perth

Fat grafting can reshape the entire body by removing unwanted fat from one area and putting it in another. This procedure is commonly seen in the buttocks and face where people are unhappy with lost volume, disproportion body contour, unbalanced shape or wrinkling due to due to age, weight loss/gain or heredity.

Nano Fat Grafting

Dr Randle has brought back to Australia the latest technology in nano fat grafting. This technology will provide the most precise and effective treatment for facial rejuvenation.  

The procedure involves harvesting fat from your body through liposuction and then emulsifing it through the nano fat grafting system. The fat is reduced to a liquidised fat to allow injected into your chosen area.

The nano fat graft can be injected precisely into individual wrinkles anywhere on the body, but mainly done on the face and lips. The injectable is 100% your own tissue which contains stem cells know as Adipose-derived stem cells.

The stem cells have been proven to give rejuvenation benefit to the skin appearance by filling in wrinkles, fine lines and correction to lower eyelids.

The fat grafting will fill out hollowing areas in the face as well as correcting structural tissue to the face, giving long lasting results.



Benefits of Fat Grafting

  • Natural filler material
  • Smooth the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improve body contour
  • Minimal discomfort and fast recovery
  • Long lasting results


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